Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Babies Babies Everywhere

So this is definitely not my typical post. While babies are not in my near future I do have several friends that are preggers or already have kiddos.  I absolutely love spoiling my friends' kids and I have learned that sometimes a trip to the Dollar Store (or the Awesome Store as my niece Baylor calls it) is better than any high dollar toy you can get.  As much fun as buying toys is, I also love to help my friend shop for their nurseries.  My friend Brooke is having her first baby shower this weekend and while I'm so sad I can't be there, I've been scouring the internet for the perfect stuff for little Major.

How cute are these 2?

I have found several adorable things for babies and their nurseries in my search and thought I would share them in case any of yall have a gajillion baby showers to attend this year.


Brooke's husband is obsessed with the University of Hawaii and I thought these booties would be perfect for little Major but without the bow of course.


How cute are the animal heads over the crib (a sentence I never thought I would say)?!


I love the idea of gifting the baby with a wagon filled with books.  What a cute alternative to a shelf!


I think these would be great in a nursery for a boy or girl.


I love anything personalized!  What a great way to have all of the birth info in 1 place!

And last but not least, I'm obsessed with all things Beatles and this will definitely go up in my future nursery.

Brooke I am so sorry I can't be at your shower this week but I can't wait to start spoiling little Major!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekending: A Very Dallas Weekend

How is it already Monday? Did this weekend go by too fast for y'all too? Linking up with the lovely B because, duh it's Monday.

My Friday started with a 2nd interview and I'm just praying and wishing for this job!  Later that night I met my girlfriend Ashley out for happy hour except happy hour turned into 2am!  Haven't seen that hour in months but we had a blast! We went out to a kareoke bar and even though I didn't sing, I had a great time!

Saturday I slept a lot....I was quickly reminded that staying up til 2 doesn't always bode well for us 30 year olds! My family came in town that night and I took them out to a new (to me at least) place called Truck Yard. It's mostly an outdoor bar that is decorated to look like an old truck yard. I love the atmosphere and the fact that all of the food comes from 3 different food trucks. The food trucks always rotate and last night they had pizza, Greek food, and hamburgers. Soooo good!
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Sunday the fam and I went to brunch and headed out to watch the Cowboys defeat the Giants!  I
hadn't been to a Cowboys game in forever and it was so much fun!

Heading back to Odessa today and really hoping for a call back about a job soon!  Hope yall had a fabulous weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites: Beyond500, Snap Kitchen and More!


We've made it to Friday! This week was jammed packed full of job interviews, time with friends and a few great workouts.  Let's get to my favorites from this week!

Favorite Thing That Happened This Week
Most of you know that I used to tour for a Disney Live show.  While I still keep in touch with most of my former cast, it is VERY rare that I ever get to see any of them.  I got super lucky this week when I found out my friend Joel's show was going to be stopping in Dallas for an overnight stay.  Well of course my old roomie Katy and I agreed to drive to his hotel to have dinner! Side story: both Katy and I toured with Joel at different times. A couple of years ago his new show was in Dallas and we both separately went to see it and meet him for dinner. The 2 of us had never met but ended up hitting it off and moved in together a year later.  Anyways, to top everything off Tuesday night was Joel's birthday so we got to go to dinner and drinks with his whole cast and crew which turned out to be such a FUN night!

Classic Darby and Handy Manny poses from our show.

Favorite New Workout
This week my old roomie and I checked out a new fitness studio in Dallas.  
Beyond500 is an innovative new workout that burns 500 calories in just 50 minutes.  The class mixes cardio intervals on the Woodway treadmills (totally self-propelled), sculpting and toning on the Pilates chair and strength building with kettle bell exercises.  Our cute instructor Elissa was great at explaining how everything worked and had a killer playlist.  She split us up into 3 groups for a 3X3X3 workout where we rotated through everything.  That dang treadmill almost killed me but I LOVED the class.  I will definitely be checking it out again when my move to Dallas is final.

Favorite New Treats (new to me at least)
One of my favorite things about Dallas is that there are always new places to eat popping up.  I got to check out 2 this week that I had never been to before and I was so pleased with both choices.  I had been hearing about  Snap Kitchen and new I definitely needed to check it out.  They offer pre-made healthy meals that focus on local and organic ingredients.  They also have a huge selection of juices and diet friendly desserts.  They are all packaged according to portion control which takes the guess work out of eating.

Imagine having one of these by your office or home. Now when you need a quick meal you don't have to hit up a fast food place!

On a completely different note, my 2 temp roomies and I decided that we deserved a little Wednesday night treat.  For those of you that are lucky enough to have had a Sprinkles cupcake in your life, well I'm about to 1-up you.  Dallas now has Sprinkles Ice Cream and OMG it is UH-Mazing!  We all ordered Sprinkles sundaes. They cut one of their famous cupcakes in half and sandwich their amazing ice cream flavors in the middle.  I had half last night and half for breakfast the next morning and I am seriously having to talk myself out of going again.

Delicious huh?!

Well Happy Weekend yall!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

4 Must-Have Pieces for Fall - #Blogtober14

Unless you live under a rock, you've seen approximately 999,999,999.99999 images of Fall outfits and fashion popping up on Pinterest lately.  While everyone has their own style of course, I've decided that there are only 4 basic items you need this fall. If you have these 4 pieces you can mix-n-match from items that are already in your closet.

1. Colored Skinnies

Gina informed us that Bright Colored Jeans are OUT this fall. While most people have been stocking up on wine or burgundy bottoms, I still prefer olive skinnies.  Paired with everything from a white tshirt to a dressy sweater, Olive skinnies are the definitely a Fall Must-Have.

2. A Great Fall Hat

I love a good hat and what better way to hide all of that static-y hair that is bound to happen this 
fall/winter. My girls Ashley and Biana had really great hat choices in their posts.  Each a little different to fit their individual styles!

3. The Perfect Booties

I must add to my bootie collection this year.  I'm a firm believer that the perfect pair of booties can literally make a whole outfit.

4. A Blanket Scarf

Ever since Zara introduced their famous Blanket Scarf last year, these things have been HOT HOT HOT!  While the best Zara scarf is hard to find there are several other great ones out there.  I mentioned a great boutique that had the blanket scarf in 3 different colors.

So there you have it.  Throw on a simple white t, chambray top or sweater, add these items and you will be set for fall!

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