Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's All In the Details

Now that I think I've found an apartment I have been looking for decorating ideas like crazy!  When I look at all of my friends' places the things I always notice are the small details.  Sure they may have big statement pieces that are amazing but I always appreciate the little things like the cute coasters on their bar cart or the funky wine rack that is hanging in their kitchen.  I've rounded up a few ways to add small but creative details to make my apartment exactly what I want.

Framed Light Switch Covers

I'm not totally sure how they got the frame to stick to the cover plate but I think this idea is adorable.

Decorative Drawer Liners

I'm not crazy about this pattern but I want to do cute liners in my kitchen.

Not Your Average Shower Curtains

I have always had plastic or vinyl shower curtains (ever since I saw the scene from Psycho, I get a littler nervous) but I think in my new place I want a fabric one for sure.  I like that this one is split into 2 even though I don't think the black and white matches this particular bathroom in the photo.


I don't like the colors of this curtain but I like the way it drapes.  If I can find a couple of cute hooks this might just work.

Add Color In Unexpected Places

I love the idea of adding color to my apartment by spray painting my curtain rods.  I have no clue what I'm going to do about curtains but I do know that my curtain rod will be the cutest thing ever!

If yall have any decorating tips for me let me know.....I need all the help I can get!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Look at me finally getting a blog post up.  It's been a long couple of days so let's get down to it shall we?  Linking up with my favorite little Boston girl B!

Last weekend my mom and I drove to Marble Falls to see my Mema and my aunt.  The 4 of us went shopping and ate a ton of food.  My Mema taught me almost everything I know about cooking and every time we see each other we always make a Chocolate Pie from scratch.

You can't see it but there is the most delicious chocolate filling underneath that meringue!

Mom and I headed back home Sunday so she could volunteer at the church's Halloween carnival.  I decided to grab my friend Katie and her little girl Baylor and join the festivities.  Look at this little ladybug!

Aunt "Weese" taught her how to pose and I'm pretty sure her mom got the biggest kick out it!

We ran into our friend Krista and her little girl.  I have known Katie and Krista since 5th grade and can't imagine my life without these 2!

Tomorrow I am spending the day looking for a new apartment and I am so excited!  Fingers crossed that the one I want is available and (most importantly) affordable!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Favorites

Alrighty yall it's Friday again.  I am currently with my family at my Mema's house and may have had plenty of red wine last night.  This post will be short but sweet because we have a lot of shopping to do today. Like every Friday, I'm linking up with the lovely Amanda.

Favorite Recipe
Hoisin Chicken Skewers

These look amazing and delicious and will be made very soon.  PS how cute is my friend Shelbi that writes this blog?

Favorite Outfit
Blake Lively's Stunning Maternity Dress

I mean I have no words for this chick.  I don't even look that good not pregnant.

Favorite Decorative Item

I've decided that I WILL have gold polka dots on a wall in my apartment.  Keep in mind I haven't even seen an apartment yet but I am already decorating in my head.

Ok like I said, short and sweet (and pointless???) post but it's all I go for today :)

Happy weekend lovelies!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Babies Babies Everywhere

So this is definitely not my typical post. While babies are not in my near future I do have several friends that are preggers or already have kiddos.  I absolutely love spoiling my friends' kids and I have learned that sometimes a trip to the Dollar Store (or the Awesome Store as my niece Baylor calls it) is better than any high dollar toy you can get.  As much fun as buying toys is, I also love to help my friend shop for their nurseries.  My friend Brooke is having her first baby shower this weekend and while I'm so sad I can't be there, I've been scouring the internet for the perfect stuff for little Major.

How cute are these 2?

I have found several adorable things for babies and their nurseries in my search and thought I would share them in case any of yall have a gajillion baby showers to attend this year.


Brooke's husband is obsessed with the University of Hawaii and I thought these booties would be perfect for little Major but without the bow of course.


How cute are the animal heads over the crib (a sentence I never thought I would say)?!


I love the idea of gifting the baby with a wagon filled with books.  What a cute alternative to a shelf!


I think these would be great in a nursery for a boy or girl.


I love anything personalized!  What a great way to have all of the birth info in 1 place!

And last but not least, I'm obsessed with all things Beatles and this will definitely go up in my future nursery.

Brooke I am so sorry I can't be at your shower this week but I can't wait to start spoiling little Major!