Monday, June 9, 2014


Happy Monday yall!  Today I am linking up with the precious Biana for her new Weekending Link Up!

Friday I grabbed a couple of girlfriends and our men and we headed downtown for Greek Fest.  OMG the food was so good and I am SO mad that I didn't get a picture! A restaurant called Theo and Stacy's did all of the food and I immediately told Michigan that we had to go eat there on our next night out. After eating we went out to enjoy the band Locash Cowboys.  They had a great mix of originally country songs and did awesome covers of country and rock.  Such a fun night dancing and belting songs at the top of our lungs!

Excuse the dark iphone pics.  One day I'll get a normal camera like a big-girl blogger.

Saturday I was not feeling good (is anyone else's allergies/asthma driving them nuts?) so we I spent a lot of time on my couch and sleeping. Sometimes you just need a day off huh?

Sunday I hopped on a plane (yes, I feel like I live at the airport) and headed to Phoenix for work.  I'll be here for a toy show until Wednesday and my feet are already feeling the pain!

What did yall do this weekend?


  1. I love the hi-lo maxi you're rocking!! Sorry you didn't feel well - not fun!! A toy show?! Sounds like fun!! Thanks for linking up love!! xo

  2. It's okay I have a big girl camera but it's so much easier to take my iphone with me.... Greek food is so yummy! Stopping by from the link up! Happy Monday!

  3. Love Greek festivals! It's my favorite type of food. Thanks for linking up! Hope you're feeling better for your toy show! xo

  4. Everyone's allergies seem to be bad right now around here. I don't have then, but Zack's get pretty awful....I feel so sad for you allergy sufferers!


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